Wednesday, April 8, 2009

some work from Highlander movie

i did green screen removal...roto..wire removal works on this movie...
there were more number of shots ..but i was not able to find them..hope i can add it later.

Kand Floss-part01...some shots from my first 3d work for Sony Max

Hi guys...this was the most horrible work i did....continious..months on this pro..withought sleep....

U wont believe ...even i cant believe it now...

i did all the stuffs from pre to post...including rendering..and watchmans job at the studio.. :)

But it made me a confident man in CG..thanks to this pro...and Sasi

Kand Floss-part02...some shots from my first 3d work Sony Max

Blue star AC ad ....Cg glove done by me

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5th Dimension_the war against silence

schooltime Work

schooltime work

zbrush scribbling-3 hrs(incomplete)

zbrush scribbling-3 hrs(incomplete)

creature unfinished...lot to work on

creature unfinished...lot to work on

Sword in the Stone

animal study_Zbrush

fantacy WIP

First Love

timepass work

Institute work

schooltime work

schooltime work

Digital timepass

Digital work

first oil painting